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Tips for running ultra marathons – gear, nutrition, training and recovery!

By On December 19, 2016

With every ultra I’ve run over the last 9 or so years, completed or not, I can safely say that I’ve learned something new in each race that I’ve competed in. Running… Read More


Cool running video…watch it

By On January 21, 2015

As a Strava addict, I feel it is my duty to show off their newest video, Run With Us. If this isn’t inspiring you to get out there and run the world,… Read More


Bonus: advanced yoga moves with the ActivMotion Bar

By On January 16, 2015

Happy Friday y’all, little bonus  yoga workout fun for you! I’ve been enjoying my ActivMotion Bar so much and coming up with all kinds of cool stuff you can do with it.… Read More


ActivMotion Bar Strength Series – video workout!

By On January 15, 2015

If you’re looking for a challenging and effective total body workout, check out these 5 moves using your ActivMotion Bar. Want more? Try my ActivMotion Bar yoga workout!… Read More


An ActivMotion Bar yoga sequence

By On January 12, 2015

As y’all know I’ve been pretty jazzed with my new ActivMotion Bar. It’s a great way to add balance and toning to any workout – strength training, Pilates, and even yoga. I designed… Read More