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7-9 weeks

Soda Peaks Lake trail run
7-9 weeks

Ultrasounds and extreme nipple chafing.

By On September 18, 2017

Weeks 4-7 had been particularly mild. I wasn’t having much, if any nausea and the fatigue was mostly an early bed time, rather than a full on nap situation. In fact, after… Read More

Vancouver travel
7-9 weeks

So in love with Vancouver!

By On August 28, 2017

After my experience at the Kishi Bashi concert, something had started to change. I woke up that following Friday morning with a mix of apprehension, excitement, and anxiety over my upcoming girl’s… Read More

Mt Hood National Forest
7-9 weeks

The moment I realized it’s not just ME anymore

By On August 25, 2017

After finding out I was pregnant, nothing much had seemed to change…at first, anyway. I was still going about my same, busy life, in the same way and pretty much at the… Read More