Jamie King Fit



Hi I’m Jamie, founder of the Sweat Pink community and SweatGuru. You can also find me blogging on the Huffington Post and SheKnows.com. Or you can find me roaming the streets of Portland, OR San Francisco, CA.

After 15+ years in the Bay Area, my husband and I moved to beautiful Portland, OR (on March 1, 2015).

What do you write about? 

Obviously, I write about running. I’m an ultra-marathoner, after all. I’m also a yogi and yoga instructor (come take a class with me). I also write about fitness in all its forms – gear*, fashion**, classes, workouts, nutrition***, smelly socks, and everything in between. I also write about all the other things I love in life: food, travel, married life, my amazing puppy, chocolate, coffee, wine, pretty pictures that I take, and pretty much anything else on my mind.

*Gear disclaimer: I am a minimalist when it comes to fitness gear. I just now own my first ever real running watch (after 10+ years of running).

**Fashion: I am not a fashionista. I like what I like and try to make it work. And sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m short and oddly shaped. And I really don’t like shoes (well, except for running shoes). Clothes that are super flowy are a NO, things that have super wild, intense prints also probably a NO. In short, don’t take my fashion advice.

***Nutrition: I’m not a nutritionist, an RD, a doctor or a nurse.

Are you some kind of expert?

Nope. Not really. I mean, I know some stuff. I don’t know some other stuff. I know a little bit about running, yoga and I like to cook vegetables and create smoothies. I’m not a nutritionist, an RD or a doctor. I am Yoga Alliance certified and NSCA. Take whatever I say with a grain of salt. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read or follow along!

Why are all of your recipes meat free?

Because I don’t eat meat.

Are you a vegan? Paleo? Gluten-Free? Catholic? Cat lady? 

I really hate labels. I discovered how much I hated them about a year and a  half ago when I made a stupid decision to blog that I was changing course –  I announced to the world that me, the long time vegetarian (ugh, another label) and cheese lover was going vegan. And then I went vegan. But I felt conflicted about it. I have leather handbags (BAD VEGAN!), leather car seats (so very bad!!!), and probably all kinds of other unknown animal products floating around my life. But I don’t have the means to replace those things or the capacity to stress over them. So I stopped stressing. And I’m not saying that fully committed vegans or paleo dieters or fruitarians, or even cat ladies are wrong, I’ve just decided that I need more flexibility in my life. Travel and dining out just became too hard. And what was I really restricting myself for? For me? Or the idea of me?

You’re married?

Yep, I married my best friend in the whole world – Casey – he also blogs on the P.O.M about our adventures eating and drinking our way through Portland.

He’s really, really great except that he blogs about slugs and doesn’t always love that I share our personal lives online. You can chat him up on Twitter @bigkingsf (I’ll bet he doesn’t like that I am sharing his Twitter handle).

Also, we don’t have kids….yet…(hold your horses, mom). So if you are trying to get me to promote diaper rash cream, breast pumps, or mommy and me happy hours, I probably won’t write about your product but I might show up for the wine. 😉

Who is Abbie?

Abbie is our vizsla baby. She was born on January 6, 2015 and moved from California to Oregon with us. She was well traveled before she was even 10 weeks old! She’s the cutest pup ever (I might be biased) …even when she’s doing naughty things like chewing on my running shoes, for instance.

I am pretty much the craziest dog lady there is…so don’t be alarmed if you start seeing update after update on all the adventures of #Abbiethevizsla on my blog, Instagram and even Twitter handle. 😉

Random facts:

I am terrified of slugs. Beyond terrified (and yes, the above about my husband is true). I love dinosaurs, especially T-Rex. I really, strongly dislike rootbeer, black licorice, and unsalted nuts. I really like salty snacks, especially salty nuts coupled with salty raisins (more on that coming soon). I also really like wine and fancy cocktails. And I love swim suits. Pizza is my jam, especially thin crust and smothered in burata (yes, that is a cheese). And I make a lot of rice bowls. And I drink smoothies pretty much every single morning. I usually travel with a loofah because there’s nothing worse than not being able to lather your soap. I love to laugh and am not easily offended or embarrassed – unless of course you’re a sexist idiot.

How can we contact you?

You can comment on the blog. Email me jamie at fitapproach. Or find me on Twitter (@jamiekingfit), Instagram (@jamiekingfit) or basically plastered all over the web…I’m pretty easy to find.