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Five things Friday: shiit gets real

By On April 28, 2017

All of this talk about the importance of learning, stepping out of comfort zones, and of course, jogging down memory lane this week had me thinking about my own teacher trainings. I did… Read More

prAna spring- Liana Sweater

Live your life in clothes that truly suit you – prAna spring review

By On February 28, 2017

I had a BUSY morning this morning. I got up a little after 5 am to teach yoga and take the class after mine before jumping on an early morning team call.… Read More

activmotion bar

Ignite your workouts with ActivMotion Bar

By On November 29, 2016

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I love a challenging and sweaty workout – whether I’m out dashing around on the trails with Abbie, on my mat or in… Read More

Jamie King fit - yoga - liveinprana sweatpink

10 reasons why I live a fitness lifestyle…

By On August 12, 2015

To me, living a fitness lifestyle is so much more than just workouts, its a way of life. Its not just about how you sweat, or how often you sweat, but how… Read More