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Jackfruit tacos

Spicy jackfruit tacos

By On August 17, 2018

If you know me, or followed me at all throughout my pregnancy, you probably already know that I have a true love affair with tacos. I ate so many tacos while pregnant… Read More


Vegan tortilla soup

By On January 26, 2015

I love soups. Well, actually I love anything that comes in a bowl. And there’s nothing I like more than a soup you can make, freeze, and eat for weeks without getting… Read More


Fiesta style cauliflower “rice” bowls

By On December 17, 2014

My good friend and favorite foodie gal, Tasha recently posted about cauliflower “rice” and I knew I needed to give it a go. I used the “rice” recipe from a blog that… Read More