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The Failure Resume
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Why I’m creating a failure resume

By On January 8, 2019

The other week, I was out on an early morning run, enjoying a podcast about the importance of failure, and I took a huge spill upon hitting an ice patch. The funny… Read More


Grokker review: online yoga, fitness & cooking classes

By On July 26, 2015

Despite the fact that I’m a fitness instructor, and total fitness junkie (not to mention someone who is all up in the online fitness world), I never really got into the whole… Read More


10 people I’m excited meet at BlogFest 2015

By On May 12, 2015

This post was inspired by my friend and fellow Sweat Pink ‘er, Melissa Burton who put together a list of the women worth meeting at BlogFest 2014 as a special edition of her Friday’s… Read More