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SPILeash: The perfect leash for your trail dog

By On September 11, 2015

Y’all probably know this by now but Abbie (my pup) is seriously the best running partner ever. Not only because she’s the most enthusiastic running partner I’ve ever had but she’s also… Read More


Becoming a #traildog

By On May 1, 2015

Hey y’all, Abbie the Vizsla coming atcha – I am now a whopping 17.5 weeks old and feeling all kinds of grown up. Since its Friday, I figured you might be in… Read More


Feeling more at home – hitting the trails!

By On April 13, 2015

This weekend was exactly what the doctor ordered – I was feeling a little out of place, anxious and maybe even a tad homesick last week – and then the weekend happened.… Read More