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My two #NoExcuses nominees are….

By On January 20, 2015

As part of the #NoExcuses Challenge we are all nominating two people who kick butt and live with #NoExcuses. And while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of the nominees in the Fit… Read More


Mint chocolate chai smoothie

By On January 18, 2015

I’ve had this Blue Lotus Chai Mint Chai Masala spice mix for awhile now and I really like it because it isn’t a chai “mix” loaded with sugar, its simply spices and… Read More


I love snacks, yay for Keenwah!

By On November 18, 2014

I went to the grocery store hungry which is usually a huge mistake. And while I did end up with a few things in the cart that I probably shouldn’t have bought,… Read More


Just trying not to crap out on the hill: Saturday trail run

By On November 1, 2014

I think one of the best things about getting older is that it becomes completely and totally acceptable to sit on your couch and watch movies on Halloween and be in bed… Read More


Pita pizzas are really tasty

By On October 28, 2014

Pizza is always a good idea and its especially a good idea when its quick, healthy and easy. In our house we do a lot of whole wheat pita pizza eating. Tonight’s… Read More